Garden Tips feb 15 - Mar 15

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Unusually warm and dry winter weather is requiring us to provide addtional water to our lawns & gardens

Garden Tips Jan 15 - Feb 15

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Garden at rest… and you may do likewise for the most part.  However, on those lovely sunny days when your energy dictates action, here are a few valuable winter chores that will benefit your garden

Lafayette School District's Cost-Saving Demo Garden

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By Sophie Braccini

According to Barbara Williams and Brad Crane, it costs $1.70 a square foot to maintain a lawn, so replacing decorative patches of grass with drought resistant native gardens that won't require any maintenance should make accounting sense. The idea appealed to Lafayette School District Superintendent Fred Brill and he gave the go-ahead for a test cost-saving garden in front of the District's administrative offices. A group of six parent volunteers got to work in early November- they claim that the money the District invested in plants for the 1000 square-foot garden will be recovered in savings within nine months.
"When I started the water usage audit at Lafayette Elementary, where my children go to school, I noticed that many native plants were over-watered on the premises," recounts Crane. "I talked to the principal about stopping the watering and she decided to refer my proposal to the District." 
Crane's idea reached the Lafayette School District Green Team, a group composed of the superintendent, representatives from the District's school board, schools and staff, and a member of Sustainable Lafayette (Williams). "We looked at the plan with Fred (Brill) and he decided to try a test patch," says Williams, "there was an area of about 1000 square feet in front of the District's offices on School Street that served no recreational purpose and that we all thought would be a good test site."

Recap: Dirt Daubers Garden Club Meeting

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garden Club Event Dirt Pic

The event was a success and had a great turnout. Hear what the Garden Club members had to say about Garth's talk in the video below.

People on Yelp Love Us!

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yelplinkThank you for your support! We couldn't have done it without our loving customers.

We will continue to do our best to serve your needs.

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Fall into the Garden

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garth fall class mini

Master Gardener Garth Jacober will be holding a Fall Gardening Class.

He will be teaching how to get ready for the fall and covering a wide range of topics such as:

  • Soils & Mulching
  • Irrigation
  • Plant & Veggie Types

After the discussion he will be available for any gardening questions. Please bring questions  and plant samples.

Dirt Daubers Garden Club Meeting

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On September 15, 2011
Garden Club will be having an event featuring the Dirt Daubers in Mt. Diablo Nursery

The event is for Garden Club members only. 

Festivities will start at 9:30am and coffee will be served. 
Master gardener Garth Jacober will be giving a talk at 10:00am.

Lafayette Nursery Looks to Grow: Small talk with Contra Costa Times

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20110708  ecct0709nursery1 GALLERY

Garth Jacober knows a good plant when he sees one.

The problem is the ones he loves aren't necessarily the best for business. And as owner of Mt. Diablo Nursery and Garden, it's the ability to know the difference that he feels has kept him in business through a tough economy.

"The bottom line is it's not what you want, it's what your customers are buying, and that's a hard pill for an owner to swallow," Jacober, 57, said. "Because if they're buying purple petunias with polka dots on it and I don't like them, the business says to buy purple petunias with polka dots forever."